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Yes Set and Induction 

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The “yes set” technique is often used in sales, and can be successfully incorporated as part of a hypnotic induction. Using this technique will speed and facilitate inductions. The yes set refers to inducing a repetitive series of “yes” answers, establishing a habitual compliance on the part of the hypnotic subject. The yeses should not be given verbally, but rather by nodding of the head. This technique was outlined and pioneered by Milton Erickson. It’s similar to Dale Carnegie’s “Socratic method” of having your subject, whether it be sales or hypnosis, keep agreeing with what you have to say. When you finally slip in your suggestion it is automatically agreed to. The usual method during a hypnotic induction is to use what are called “truisms.” These are general statements and phrases that every one would agree are true, and cannot be disputed. By including truims in your patter your subject will develop a subconscious rapport and habit of agreeing with your statements. This seemingly simple technique is surprisingly powerful and effective.

If you ask your truism as a question, make sure you have instructed the subject to respond non-verbally, with a head nod or raising a “yes finger.” Verbal responses can lessen the depth of the hypnotic state. Examples of truisms: We all have felt our fingers and hands go numb on a cold winter’s day. Most people enjoy the pleasant feeling of warmth of the sun as they walk along the beach. Truisms usually start with the following types of introductory phrasing: “In every culture…” “Most of us have…” “Every one knows…” “A common experience is…” We all have had the experience of…”


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