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Foundations for Hypnotic Trance 

Before attempting an induction the hypnotists should keep the following tips in mind. Please note that there will not be any test questions on this information.

1. The vast majority of people can be hypnotized given the proper conditions. There are no bad subjects just bad conditions and circumstance.

2. The subject must have confidence in your ability to hypnotize them. This means you must project confidence as well. It is helpful to maintain a professional attitude and demeanor when dealing with the subject. Good grooming and professional attire will make it easier to induce a hypnotic trance.

3. The hypnotist and subject must have rapport. If the subject does not trust you it will be that much more difficult or even impossible for you to hypnotize them. The hypnotist must be a likable person to establish trust on the part of the subject.

4. Start with a review of the subject's suggestibility profile to create a "yes-set." This builds rapport and help activate the suggestible areas of the brain.

5. When asking the subject for a response first make clear to them that their response should be non-verbal. They should nod their head or raise a "yes" or "no" finger. Verbal activity reduces the depth of hypnotic trance.

6. Speak in phrase with pause between them, as opposed to a continuous patter. Suggestible parts of the brain process the "big picture" aspect of a phrase.

7. Avoid having a n environment with distractions as these make it harder to produce the concentration needed for a trance. If there are unavoidable noises or other distractions work them into the induction script.

8. Repetition reinforces suggestion.

9. Once they reach a trance state a deeper state can be more easily achieved by repeatedly bringing them back out to normal consciousness and then quickly instructing them to go back under.

10. Give plenty of time for a response to manifest. Suggestions of movement of the arm for example may take a minute and several repetitions to start.

11. Before you finally bring the subject out of a trance be sure to give positive suggestion like "I'm now going to awaken you by counting from 1 to 3. On the counting of 3, you will awaken, feeling good, refreshed & rested as a result of these brief minutes of deep hypnosis relaxation. It is amazing what a few minutes of hypnosis can do to you. Now, 1... coming out slowly, 2... yes, coming out now, 3...open your eyes feeling light refreshed and revitalized happy and cheerful, feeling much better than before."

12. Have the subject approve the suggestion before you give them. This can be part of developing rapport. If you plan to use a script that involves flying for example make sure the subject does not have a fear of flying.

13. If you have a reluctant subject who believes they cannot be hypnotized tell them to "play a long an pretend that they are being hypnotized and that they are feeling the effects you are describing because they will actually feel the."

14. Have the subject note the time before you start the session. Time distortion can be used to convince them that they did in fact experince a trance.

15. Don't let the subject fall asleep during the session. Hypnosis is not normal sleep.

16. If you plan on using the word sleep in your induction before to explain before hand that hypnosis is not normal sleep.

17. Practice, practice, practice!

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