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Skepticism Arguments

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Not surprisingly hypnosis is not universally accepted as an actual phenomen. Partly this is due to the extravagant claims made about its ability to control behavior. But it also due to the currently poor understanding as to what the exact nature of the hypnotic state really is. In fact some of these arguments are valid. Hypnosis has not been shown to cure organic diseases like cancer. It cannot facilitate paranormal powers like extra sensory perception. Because of the extreme suggestibility associated with the hypnotic state it cannot reliably be used to recover memories and such memories must not be used as evidence in a court of law.

Perhaps the most tainting practice of contemporary hypnotists is claiming that hypnosis can provide information about the subject’s “previous life”. Clearly there is absolutely no evidence that hypnosis makes this possible.

Some skeptics do go too far and refuse to acknowledge real, and scientifically verifiable effects of hypnotic trance, such as pain management. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (or fMRI) confirms that the hypnotic state is reproducible and not the same as other states of consciousness.

Even experienced hypnotists admit not all occurrences of trance are identical in every respect and it is not yet clear if the processes of stage hypnosis are the same as those for hypnotic sessions taking place in venues with out spectators. This is similar to scientific experiments where the observer affects the out come of the trial.

Being familiar with arguments against hypnosis helps a hypnotist by both realizing the limitations of this altered state, and will provide an edge when hypnotizing subjects who have been exposed to such opinions. As we shall discuss later, hypnosis is largely facilitated or hindered by the expectations of the hypnotic subject. Recognizing and addressing counterproductive beliefs will ease inductions in these cases.

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