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Practice, Practice, Practice

test tip Practice, practice, practice. This is the single most important variable in whether one will be a successful hypnotist is one, which control yourself. No amount of book learning, distance education, or even face to face seminars can take the place of frequent and dedicated practice of the ideas presented here. Studies show that it is not simply an exceptionally high IQ that produces genius, it is dedication to spending many, many hours mastering a subject that produce outstanding ability. It is so simple it should be obvious, if you want to be a hypnotist you must practice hypnotizing subjects. You must practice delivering induction script, memorizing different inductions, and actually hypnotizing people. You must spend several hours doing this, every day, for many months. Only practice can make your technique smooth and skills polished.

Because of the limitations of the distance learning format this critical area is beyond the scope of this course. But is not beyond your ability to become a hypnotist by following the simple instructions below. I really hope you dedicate time to honing your expertise, as you will be greatly rewarded with better results from your subjects.

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Make use of all of these methods to develop and polish your skills as a hypnotist:
Practice in front of a mirror

test tipYou are the easiest to access audience. Practice script delivery while seated before a mirror. This helps with memorization of induction scripts and as a budding hypnotist this is the most important part. Be your own teacher by first looking occasionally at the printed script, and reduce your reliance on it until you can recite your patter completely from memory. Develop a sense of the flow from the pre-induction into the induction and on to a deepener.
Practice with an audio recorder

Although many people do not like the sound of there own voice it extremely helpful to use a portable recorder to record your practice of your hypnotic patter. Take note of your rate of speech, use of filler words, and volume. Most hypnotists spend a lot of time finding the right combination of tone and pacing that conveys both relaxation and confidence. Inductions due not take place using an every day conversational sounding intonation. A slight but noticeable change in expression helps signal the subconscious of the subject that something unique and unusual is happening.

test tipUsing an audio recorder you can learn your content by listening to yourself, and develop your own special hypnotic “voice.”

Practice with a video recorder

test tipThe camera may be made to lie but it can reveal much more then you may be comfortable with. Still this is the best way to spot problems, as they will most certainly be revealed. The camera is particularly helpful to discern distracting gestures, and facial expressions. Tape your performance, watch it with a pen and pad to take note of rough spots to focus on improving. If you can, get some one to watch with you and ask for their constructive input. Then tape yourself again and see how you have improved. After several iteration of video you will have greatly improved your delivery.
Practice with a live subject

test tipAs you become a little more experienced the most important aspect shifts to honing your skills as a hypnotist is actually hypnotize people. The more times you induce hypnosis, and the more varied your subjects the better you will become. Friends, colleagues, and spouses can all assist by being your subjects. If they decline the opportunity to go under a trance they can still help if they can be convinced to listen and perhaps pretend to be hypnotized.

Start by telling them, "I'm just getting beginning to hypnosis, and I'm not ready to practice hypnotizing anyone yet, but I do need someone to help me "run through my lines with." Ask them to just play along as if they were helping rehearse lines from a play. Incorporate all aspects that you need to practice including the pre-induction talk, taking and reviewing their suggestibility profile, answering their (real) questions about hypnosis, etc.

Then ask if they "will pretend to be hypnotized so I can practice induction and deepening? It’s quite possible that once they see how committed and confident you are they will even ask you to hypnotize them!

Keeping an eye out for prospective subjects

When conversing with anyone bring up the topic of hypnosis and pay attention to their reactions. In fact many people are quite curious about hypnosis. How does it work? What it really is? Use people’s Family and friends that knew you before you became a skilled hypnotist could be more difficult subjects to actually hypnotize. You will probably notice that the subjects who go into hypnosis easiest are new acquaintances. They will more readily believe you have the ability hypnotize them, which means you can do it that much easier. So whenever you're at a party or in a new group, be sure to bring up the subject. "One thing I’m fascinated with is power of the human mind. What do you know about hypnosis? " "Isn't it interesting?" "Have you ever been hypnotized?" "Did you know I'm a hypnotist?"

The credentials the School of Professional Hypnosis make available when you pass this course are great help for this.

Other students of hypnotism

test tipA great way to find a partner to practice with is to convince a friend, or better yet a few friends, to take this course with you. Many people are interested in hypnosis and you are more likely to have a regular partner if they get something in exchange – the chance to practice their technique with you. You can also post a message on hypnosis forums that you are looking for other students in your area to practice with. A simple search on Google for comes up with these sites:

Uncommon Knowledge


San Francisco area


test tipMany small local publications have space for free ads. Often local food stores have bulletin boards one can post on for no charge. Church, hobby, and any other groups you belong to are god places to connect with potential subjects. Online you try sites like craigslist.com and myspace.com.

In conclusion:
You can be professional and still not always be serious. Be sure to have fun while you’re at it. It’ll make your practice sessions go faster, and you’ll be more likely retain subjects and get new ones via word of mouth. So what are the three most important things you can do to become a skilled, professional hypnotist? Practice, practice, and practice!

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