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Pre-induction Script

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Before attempting to induce hypnosis or perform any trance related exercises it is important to explain to the perspective subject what they should expect to experience when in a trance. This “Pre-Induction” talk can also be used to dispel any fears the subject might have about going under hypnosis. Fears of hypnosis can make inducing a trance difficult if not impossible.

It is important to inform the subject what they will encounter while under trance. It lets them be alert for these experiences so they notice them. Recognizing things like changes in breathing is a natural biofeedback mechanism that will reinforce and deepen the trance state. Usually people do not know what to expect and it may be difficult to convince them post session that they were under hypnosis.

For this reason it’s a good idea to have the subject note the time before the induction starts. Time distortion is a common effect of trance and can be used as a convincer when they return to a normal state of consciousness. 

Here is a sample pre-induction talk. It should be modified to fit your own style. It is also important to note that the hypnotist should memorize this and the other scripts and not be reading them off a sheet of paper or cue cards. A hypnotist needs to project confidence. The words of your patter should flow smooth and naturally which cannot be performed when reading a script. You need not memorize the script word for word. It is much more important to deliver the information in your own natural voice and style. Just match the rhythm and flow and cover all the information presented in the script. Encourage the subject to ask questions at this time.

“Have you ever been hypnotized before?

Hypnosis is a guided experience of an altered state similar to other states of consciousness we all have in our ordinary every day lives. It’s the same as when you are totally absorbed in some activity, perhaps a long, boring drive where you lose al track of time, and time seems to pass slowly or quickly, a minute might seem like an hour, or an hour like a minute. Other sensations you might notice include a more rhythmic pace to your breathing, extreme relaxation of your muscles, and perhaps a dryness to your mouth. A slight tingling or numbness are also a common experience as go into a deeper hypnotic state.

Being in a hypnotic trance is a joint exercise between the hypnotist and subject. I serve as your guide to help you reach the trance state, a state which is actually common in our every day lives. But it’s your contribution and effort that makes the state possible. While hypnosis can alter your perceptions it cannot make you do things against your will. Hypnotic subjects have control over themselves when in a trance.

Pretty much everyone can be hypnotized. It sort of like sleep – everyone does it under the right conditions. And while sleep and hypnosis share many commonalities, both being altered states, they are not identical. Under hypnosis part of your mind, your subconscious remains active enough that it can still learn and easily adopt suggestions. This is not true of sleep. 

Hypnosis is also not a mystical power. You cannot get stuck in hypnosis. Either you will awaken on your own or the state will become one of natural sleep. Hypnosis is not any more dangerous then normal sleep. You will not flap your arms like a chicken while under hypnosis. 

You may or may not remember everything when you awake. You will hear everything and some part of your brain, your subconscious, will process and respond to everything I say, but it is common for people to forget parts of their hypnotic sessions.  Again this is sort of like being asleep where you may forget parts of your dreams when you wake.

Do you have any questions before we begin?”

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