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Welcome To the Hypnotist Training Course

Do you harbor a curiosity about hypnosis and how the mind really works? Do you want to learn how to induce hypnotic trances and learn the principles behind suggestibility? Do you want power, success, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams?

Well maybe that last one is beyond the scope of this course. But if your goal is to learn the art and science of hypnosis we will cut through the fluff and nonsense too often associated with this fascinating subject.

This is a self paced course which means there is extra responsibility on the student to complete the program in a timely fashion. The student is also expected and required to fulfill some aspects of the course which cannot easily be verified through distance learning. The information presented here has been carefully assembled and presented to maximize your educational experience. In order to get the most out of these lessons you MUST complete all of the assignments. The assignments and activities included here should take you less then five hours to complete, maybe much less if are very clever. To qualify for certification through this course you must pass all of tests which can be accessed via the quiz navigation bar at the right of every page.

Pages with content that you will not be quizzed on have note to that effect at the top of the page. When studying for the quizzes look for the test tip icons, like this one: test tip Information you must know for the quiz will be in bold and be found following the icon.

Questions and suggestions to improve the course can be directed to the instructors via the contact form and will be answered as soon as possible. However be aware that since this is a tuition free program responses may take several days to a week.

When you complete the course a free printable certificate will be available to you at this page. More impressive certificates and certification cards are also available students certified by this program and will be offered to you when you pass all the quizzes.

This course and the certification that is awarded are completely free. After you complete the course you can order our document package to display your new certifcation for only $64.95. Ordering the package helps support the school and online course.

Good luck and welcome to the hypnotist training course!

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